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About Puloon Technology, an International ATM Manufacturer

Puloon is renowned for the most reliable ATM cash dispensers in the world.

Puloon USA is a Distributor of the Best ATMs in the World

Puloon Technology, Inc. is based in Seoul, South Korea, and is traded on the Korean stock market (KOSDAQ).  Puloon is well known for their reliable manufacturing in the financial space, have been manufacturing fantastically reliable ATM parts for over 20 years, and are well known for having the industry’s most reliable ATM cash dispensers.  Puloon Technology extends their reach into US markets through a robust warehousing and distribution chain, including US-based ATM sales, support, and service through Puloon USA.


ATM Manufacturing Standards

Puloon Tech, based in Seoul, Korea, manufactures the highest quality ATMs in the market – resilient, fast, & reliable.

Forward Thinking & Innovative

You can count on Puloon ATMs for the best features available from any international ATM manufacturer.

Highest ATM Inventory

When your customers need ATM machines, you need to be able to count on your ATM manufacturer to deliver them anywhere in the world – fast.

Best ATM Customer Support

We are committed to having the best support of any ATM distributor in the world. Puloon USA fields your calls 24/7.

ATM Manufacturing

Puloon Technology is a known brand in the industry, having manufactured ATM parts for over 20 years. After hearing of continuous problems among other ATM manufacturers, it was clear that there was room in the market for a higher quality product – and Puloon USA was born.

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