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ATM Price Comparison

The Value of Puloon USA ATMs

Best value in the industry for over 25 years, Puloon provides ATMs at a low cost to maximize value for businesses.

Restoring profitability to resellers and distributors has never been easier with the value of these ATMs from Puloon USA. Use these comparisons to find where resellers and distributors can get the best value for the cost.

ATM Price Savings

Resellers and distributors save more with Puloon and here are the numbers to prove it:

For a Single 1k Dispenser

  • Competitor ATM: $2,225
  • SiriUs I ATM: $1,995

Savings: $230

Puloon offers even more savings once you increase the dispenser volume.

High Capacity ATM – 6k Dispenser

  • Competitor ATM with 6k dispenser: $3,950
  • SiriUs I with 6k dispenser: $3,345

Savings: $605

Value When Using Two Denominations – Introducing the Puloon Double 1K Dispenser

Puloon is the only ATM Company providing multiple currency denominations in 1k dispenser sizes. When customers need multiple denominations, Puloon USA ATMs are the only option.

If you need two denominations, competitors are more expensive.

  • Competitor ATM 1– Double 2k – Two Cassettes: $3,025
  • Competitor ATM 2 – Double 2k – Two Cassettes: $3,350
  • Competitor ATM 3 – Double 2k – Two Cassettes: $3,099
  • Puloon SiriUs I – Double 2k – Two Cassettes: $2,845

Savings: $505

2k with one denomination

  • Competitor ATM 1 – Single 2k – One Cassette: $2,475
  • Competitor ATM 2 – Single 2k – One Cassette: $2,475
  • Competitor ATM 3 – Single 2k – One Cassette: $2,599
  • Puloon SiriUs I – Single 2k – One Cassette: $2,345

Savings: $254

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