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Puloon SiriUs II ATM Machine

The New ATM Standard for Today and Tomorrow

Suggested Retail Price: $3,395

Puloon SiriUs II ATM Machine

Built based on ease of operation

When you want reliability, efficiency, compactness, speed, resourcefulness, and your money’s worth all combined into one, we are the only ones that can provide you with a mix of the perfect ingredients that make an ATM machine great!

Here is what makes our ATM machines a low cost and profitable solution:


SiriUs II features attractive, high-quality metal keypads and pin pads, and EMV Dip card reader.


SiriUs II’s reliable Windows operating system contributes to its familiar, intuitive and user-friendly design.  Sirius II runs on a TCP/IP & Dial -up connection.


SiriUs II features a UL291 business hour safe, with choice of dial or electronic lock, and three door sensors. Security is a top priority with the SiriUs II.

Sirius II ATM Machine


With SiriUs II, you can choose from multiple 1K, 2K, and 3K cassette options for maximum volume. We can help you decide on the best option to suit your needs. Choose from CAM (Shutter) spray and Presenter Type spray options.

Additional Features

Additional features for the SiriUs II include earphone jack for voice guidance, EPP indicator, bar code reader, and illuminated topper.

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Product Features

  • 15-inch TFT LCD
  • Touch Screen Option
Card Reader
EMV Dip Card Reader
  • 3″ Thermal Line 3″ Receipt Printer
  • Electronic Journal
Operation Environment
  • Power AC 110-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Operation temperature: 32 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit (0 -40 degrees Celsius)
  • UL291 Business Hour
  • Dial Lock (Electronic Lock Option)
  • 3 Door Sensors: Upper, Lower Outer, Lower Safety
  • Width: 18.1″
  • Depth: 23.6″
  • Height: 56.3″
  • Weight: 220.5 lb (100 kg)
  • One 1,000 note removable cassette (LCDM)
  • Spray Type


  • Four 1,000 note removable cassettes (LCDM)
  • Four 2,000 note removable cassettes (ECDM)
  • CAM (Shutter) Type
  • Presenter Type
  • Metal 16 Keys (PCI Compliant EPP 3.0)
  • Function Keys (4 x 4)
  • ADA Compliant
System Platform/CPU
  • Main Board: Embedded
  • Operating system: Windows CE 6.0
  • Electronic journal


  • Main Board: NC9NDL-2550 (PC)
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Voice guidance
  • Braille keypad
  • Earphone Jack
  • EPP indicator
  • Bar Code Reader
  • Topper

English, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese

TCP/IP (SSL/TLS) or Dial up

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