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Become a Distributor

If you are a distributor looking to expand your portfolio of ATMs you are in the right place. Puloon USA has the lowest cost and most reliable ATMs to increase your bottom line.

Puloon USA has been in the industry for 25 years. If you want to work with a company that is dependable then you’re in luck.


Benefits of Becoming a Distributor of Puloon USA ATM Machines

Even Better Pricing

Rapid Delivery/Fast Service with In-Stock Replacement Parts

Free Drop Ship to Your Customers

With SiriUs, Your Sales will Go Through the Roof!

As an ATM manufacturer, we understand you, as an independent ATM deployer, have a promise to keep with your customers who visit your store to invest in an ATM machine. This is our promise to you — our ATM machines will become “the” solution for your customers.

You Have a Commitment to Your Customers and We Have a Commitment to You!

When you join us an official distributor, you will not regret your decision because you will be able to maximize your income by reducing costs related to ATM processing, increase uptime by offering quick and fast ATM service, better pricing, and rapid and fast delivery service with in-stock replacement, and free shipping to your customers.

Allow our cash machines to help your retailers provide their customers the ease of making swift and hassle-free transactions. When their foot traffic increases and their cash register becomes full, word will get around about the amazing solution that is making it all happen. This in turn will benefit your business, resulting in more small business owners coming to you to buy the machine and we will be there to deliver the ATM to them, completely free of cost!

Let’s Make this Scenario True and Shake Hands!

Our ATM machines will provide your business the kick it needs to attract potential retailers. The compact machine, developed using high quality parts, metal pinpads and keys, specially designed cabinet to provide you with increased uptime, equipped with the lightest and least moving components to decrease error rate, and on top of it, it offers multiple note dispenser options, from 1K to 2K. To ensure the ATM machine does not meet its expiry date, our solution complies with the PCI 3.0 and EMV standard.

With So Many Features and State-Of-The-Art Additions, Our ATM Machine is the Solution You Want for Your Customers!

Let us be the one to give you this solution. Get in touch with us today or apply to become a distributor from our site. If you are still on the edge about becoming a distributor, apply for a demo to try the machine out for yourself.

There is No Better Way to Make a Passive Income than with Our Solution!

How It Works

  • You will get a brand new machine at a great price.
  • We will save you money by drop shipping the ATMs to you or your customers free of charge.
  • You buy 10 ATMs
  • We provide technical support free of charge, 24 hours / day

Top Quality

Long-term dependability

The lowest down-time

Best Return on Investment (ROI)

Become a Distributor

Restore profitability to your ATM business by becoming a Puloon ATM distributor,