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Puloon USA Support

ATM Update Files & Instructions

Ready to update your SiriUs I & II ATM firmware? Use this link to download the files, and to view the instructions. This page is password protected, please email [email protected] for a password.

ATM Support Video Library

Take a look at our brand new ATM Support Video Library!

ATM Processor Programming Guides

Visit this page to download the Processor Programming Guides for your Puloon ATMs including: WorldPay, Switch Commerce, Columbus Data, EFX.

ATM Marketing Images & Content

Use this link to download the files needed to add Puloon ATMs to your website and market them effectively.

Warranty Claim Form

Experiencing ATM component failure? Please fill out the Warranty Claim Form so we can expedite your claim.

ATM Manuals

Click this button to download the manual / error codes for your Puloon SiriUs I & SiriUs II ATMs.

ISO Marketing Help

We are so interested in your success as a Puloon Reseller or Distributor we have perfected the science of ATM company marketing – and our marketing team stands at the ready to help you greatly improve your sales. Click here to read a little bit more – then request a bit more information from there.