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Why Buy Refurbished ATMs When There’s Puloon USA ATMs?

Think refurbs are as good as you can get? Don’t fall for that trap!

Know the truth: refurbs are only as good as far as you can throw them!

Our brand new ATMs are priced at a steal! Just $2195 for a single 1k dispenser!

Get a second 1k cassette for just an additional $350!

Our ATMs feature all the capabilities of those available through refurb retailers. Don’t believe us? Take a look:

  • ADA Compliant
  • EMV Standard (not Upgraded)
  • 8″ Wide TFT Color LCD
  • 80 MM Thermal Printer
  • Windows CE with TCP/IP built-in
  • Electronic Lock Standard
  • ** TLS 1.2 Standard **
  • ** EPP 3.0 PCI Compliant **
  • ** 18 Month Warranty Standard **
  • ** The ATM Has Never Been Used **
  • UL291 Business Hour Safe
  • Free Shipping to 48 States

We take your security needs seriously!

Puloon USA knows just how important security is. That’s why, unlike those refurbished ATMs from other retailers, our ATMs are TLS 1.2 or EPP 3.0 PCI compliant! Do you want to take a gamble that your refurbished ATM has had its mainboard upgraded? We don’t leave our customers guessing — it’s just bad business. Not when the price difference between our ATMs and refurbished brands are so close!

A 3-day warranty isn’t enough for anybody!

When you purchase a refurb ATM, you’ll be lucky to get a 3-day warranty. No, that’s not a joke! That’s why our ATMs come standard with an 18-month warranty that leaves even new ATMs from different manufacturers in the dust! A Puloon SiriUs ATM gives you the kind of peace of mind that you deserve — 544.5 more days of it than anyone else. Refurbished ATMs are supposed to be a cost-effective choice… but are they really?

Besides, there’s nothing like that “new ATM” smell!

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