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The SiriUs ATM is Very Serious

When you want reliability, efficiency, compactness, speed, resourcefulness, and your money’s worth all combined into one, we are the ones that can provide you with a mix of the perfect ingredients that make an ATM machine great!

Association Pricing

Puloon USA is excited to have a booth at the ATMIA and NAC conferences this year, where you can see first-hand the quality, speed, and attention to detail our SiriUs ATMs provide.  For a limited time, Puloon will also be offering special pricing to ATMIA & NAC attendees, so make sure to enter ATMIA or NAC in the field on the right that asks, “How did you hear about us?”

Seriously Reliable

SiriUs, built using superior quality parts with a focus on detail, guarantees maximum uptime and the lowest downtime. From the metal function pin pads and keys to the specially designed cabinet, SiriUs is built for reliability.

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