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ATM Tutorials

ATM Support Visual Library

Print All Setup

In this service video, an ATM technician will show you how to perform a print all setup.

Print Error

Identify and troubleshoot common printer errors. If you have not resolved your issue, contact Puloon USA’s technicians for further assistance.

Bill Jam

In this service video, an ATM technician will show you how to properly identify and resolve a bill jam in your cash dispenser unit (CDU).

Change E Lock Pass

Learn how to change your electronic combination on your e-lock in order to reset your safe combination.

Cash Loading and Reject Overview

In this service video, an ATM technician will show you how to load a Puloon brand cash cassette.

Loading Paper

Puloon ATM Paper Loading Tutorial

Background Image for SiriUs II

Puloon USA provides a quick tutorial to change your SiriUs 2 background image. Watch our video to learn more..

Background Image for SiriUs I

It’s easy to change your SiriUs 1 background screen! Follow Puloon USA’s ATM technician through a simple walkthrough to learn more.

E-Journal Backup Tutorial

Watch this tutorial when you need to backup your electronic journal. Puloon ATMs allow you to store this information on an SD card.

Cleaning your ATM

Puloon USA is here to help you understand the proper way to sanitize your ATM for your customers and ATM technicians.

Refill Receipt Paper

Watch this video when you need to refill your receipt paper on a Puloon SiriUs ATM.

Test Your CDU

Keep your ATM running smoothly by testing your cash dispenser unit (CDU) as needed. Learn how by watching this video.

Pull A Journal

This GoldStar ATM tutorial will detail how to navigate the electronic journal process if you need to pull a specific journal or series of journals.

Programming CDS

You can quickly program CDS onto your Puloon ATM using either a USB or an SD card.

Settlement Tutorial

This video shows how to perform a day close, clear the cassette, and add cash to your Puloon ATM..

E Lock Operation

This video provides an overview of the basic electronic lock operations and functions found on Puloon ATMs.