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Value and Profit

Puloon ATM machines are priced fairly and affordably. We offer a better profit margin than our competitors, so you keep your customers happy and still make money. Our SiriUs I and SiriUs II are priced so that even if you mark them up considerably, your customers will still be receiving a great value. Everybody wins!

Save Money on Maintenance

The reliability of Puloon ATMs will save you money over time. Our SiriUs model ATMs are built using quality parts that are resistant to wear and tear, carefully assembled inside of a custom cabinet. For rare problems that do occur, our technical support is available 24 hours a day, every day, and our machines come with an 18-month warranty.

State of the Art ATMs

We have been in the ATM industry for 25 years now, and are devoted to keeping you satisfied with our high quality ATM machines. Our SiriUs model ATM fits easily where larger and clunkier machines won’t, and its features and user-friendly interface are sure to get your customers’ attention. They will enjoy hassle-free transactions through a responsive network, as well as aesthetic details including stylish metal keys and pinpads. We are confident that after field testing the SiriUs, you will be excited to order more.

Great Profit Margin

Free Drop Shipping

Spectacular Service

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