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SiriUs ATMs with EFX Processing

The SiriUs ATM is Very Serious

When you want reliability, efficiency, compactness, speed, resourcefulness, and your money’s worth all combined into one, we are the ones that can provide you with a mix of the perfect ingredients that make an ATM machine great!

ATMIA Onboarding Pricing

Puloon USA & EFX are excited to have a booth at the ATMIA this year, where you can see first-hand the quality, speed, and attention to detail our SiriUs ATMs provide, along with fantastic ATM processing.  For a limited time, Puloon & EFX will offering special onboarding kickbacks to ATMIA attendees, so make sure to enter “ATMIA EFX” in the field on the right that asks, “How did you hear about us?”

$400 per ATM

Onboard a NEW Puloon S1 on EFX Processing

  • Get $300 off ATM
  • And Get $100 for Vip ATM Setup configured ready to run
  • Programming & RMS INCLUDED
  • Reprogrammed and delivered anywhere in the continental United States (Shipping costs not to exceed $200 included)

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Puloon ATMs with EFX Processing

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Puloon SiriUs I ATM Machine

The SiriUs I offers style and versatility in a compact design that will fit almost anywhere. Metal function pin pads and other quality details make this ATM durable and reliable. It will operate for years with minimal downtime and has no expiration date. This lightweight machine comes with a unique dispenser design for quicker transactions with less errors.

Puloon SiriUs II ATM Machine

The SiriUs II is attractive, secure, and comes packed with features, with multiple cassette options and two spray styles to choose from. Additional features include ear phone jack, bar code reader, and more. The interface runs on Windows and is intuitive and easy to use. Equipped with three door sensors and your choice of lock, this machine is built for security.