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ATM Marketing Kit for Puloon USA Distributors

Puloon USA ATM Photos, Logos & Graphics – for Your Website & Marketing

It’s arrived!  The Puloon USA ATM Marketing Kit for Distributors starts with images of our ATMs in several sizes, on white backgrounds and transparent – these work fabulously in emails and on your website.  It also has our logo in all of its many iterations, including transparent, white for use on dark backgrounds and full color for use on light backgrounds.  Last, but far from least, we have also included a broad number of custom graphics for use on your website and in email marketing, saving you hours of time creating them yourself.

Puloon USA ATM Marketing Kit for Distributors

Click the image above or use this link to download the files needed to add Puloon ATMs to your website and market them effectively.

ISO Marketing Help

Our broadest goal is help you succeed by selling more ATMs. Take a look at our ATM Company Marketing Services to see just how far we are willing to go to help you succeed!  And of course download your Puloon USA ATM Marketing Kit for Distributors now for your website and marketing.