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Better Profit Margin Than Our Competitors

We guarantee that you will love the price points of our ATMs! Puloon ATMs are priced fairly and affordably, allowing you to bring in a maximum profit while keeping your own customer base happy. Our SiriUs I and SiriUs II are both priced well enough that even if you mark them up significantly, you will still be offering your customers tremendous value.

Reliable Machines, More Money

An ATM that’s out of order doesn’t make anyone any money. Puloon ATMs are reliable and will keep the money – your money – coming in. Our SiriUs models are built with superior quality parts, with a focus on detail that ensures you will experience minimal downtime. That means maximum time up and running smoothly and making you money! In the rare event that you do experience a problem with your machine, we provide 24/7 technical support, and our ATMs come with an 18-month warranty.

Industry Leader in Cost & Efficiency
25 Years in the Industry
Industrial Strength ATMs

You Get the Best

Puloon has held a place in the industry, providing quality ATMs for the past 25 years. Our SiriUs ATMs have been field tested for over a year, and lead the industry in both cost and efficiency. Our ATMs are industrial strength, yet sleek and compact enough to fit comfortably in nearly any location. Each machine is built with quality parts, including metal function keys and pinpads, housed within a specially designed cabinet. Our machines are attractive, reliable, and easy to use — We are confident that after testing the SiriUs, you will want to order more!

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