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ATMs have been around since the late ’60s and have become a necessary tool for businesses. They are everywhere! — shops, street corners, conference and event halls, malls, airports, and more!

You might not know much about these mysterious money-handling machines, so here are three surprising ATM facts:

Say My Name

In the 1970s, bankers began to name their ATMs such as Miss X, Buttons, Harvey Wallbanker, and Johnny Cash.

The New Home of ATMs

In London, you will see classic payphone booths converted into ATM kiosks. Inside the payphone booth, you will come across an ATM. In Zagreb, Croatia, ATMs are housed in a Stars Wars R2D2 booth. In Tulum, Mexico, there is a Mayan-themed machine. Whereas Sydney, Australia has an ATM machines with a space age design.

ATMs Are Everywhere

There is no place ATMs don’t call home. You will see ATMs at Ayers Rock, the Grand Canyon, Easter Island, Australian Outback, Beijing’s Forbidden City, Antarctica’s McMurdo Station, above Canada’s Baffin Island, and even the Arctic Circle.

ATMs play a central role in our life. Cardholders require an ATM to make cash transactions at times. If you’re a business, you should consider purchasing an ATM to put in your storefront to generate extra revenue and help your customers. Order one now!