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The restaurant industry is an extremely competitive industry. If you run a restaurant, you must make use of every possible strategy and tactic to entice customers towards your brand.

A great way to achieve success in your restaurant business is to invest in an ATM. Research has shown that customers spend more when they have cash on hand. Want to know how an ATM can boost your business? Take a look below:

More Customers Will Visit your Restaurant

When you have an ATM installed in your restaurant, you might entice customers who don’t have cash on hand to visit inside. Having an ATM entices more customers to your business space; increasing overall traffic and helping you create a solid impact on non-customers.

Hassle Free Bill Payments

When customers pay their bills in the form of a check, the restaurant has to process the check, which ends up taking a large amount of time. Furthermore, when you have to deal with checks, there is a higher risk of losses incurred from bad checks. If you install an ATM in your space, you will no longer need to accept checks.

No Credit Card Fees

Most businesses accept credit cards, which means credit card transaction fees. Every time a customers pays by credit card, you’ll be charged a small fee. By installing an ATM within your space, you will be able to get rid of the 1-3% fee that banks place upon credit card transactions.

Earn Money from Surcharge

When customers withdraw money using your ATM, you get to earn a few dollars each time. Therefore, whenever there’s a withdrawal from the ATM, a surcharge is added to the amount of withdrawal (usually around $2-3) and that amount goes directly to you. If you bring in more customers with an ATM, that means more revenue for you!

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Making sure your customers are happy and satisfied is the most important part of any business. You can help add to that satisfaction by installing an ATM. Having an ATM at your restaurant will help customers feel at ease that they can withdraw cash without having to head elsewhere.