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Puloon USA Announces a Partnership with CORD Financial Services


Puloon USA is proud to announce a collaborative partnership with CORD Financial Services. Together, CORD Financial and Puloon have forged an affiliation that is steeped in Puloon USA’s core values of commitment, integrity, and service.

Reaching Across America

Image of CORD logoCORD Financial Services, one of the largest ATM distributors in the U.S., has offices in Temple, TX, Meridiam, MS, and West Palm Beach and Clearwater, FL. Warehouses containing Puloon USA ATMs and stocked parts will come from three distribution points – Florida, Texas, and Oregon.

CORD offers ATM placement, cash management, transaction processing, merchant servicing, and ATM part sales with swift 24/7 customer and technical support. Supported by Puloon’s one-button ATM programming, CORD is able to offer rapid fulfillment from the east coast to the west coast.

“CORD Financial is excited to have another top-tier option for our customers.”

Kenneth Gilbert

President, CORD Financial Services

High-Quality ATMs

Puloon ATMs, along with part replacements and two-year warranties, are now available at Puloon remains committed to its customers with high-quality customer service and reliable and high-tech ATMs.

Image of Puloon USA logoPuloon USA is proud to offer the highest-quality and most-efficient ATM dispensers in the industry, which are often used in many other brands worldwide. Puloon also offers superior distributor support with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), significantly lower-priced parts, and high return on investment (ROI).

The new business relationship with CORD Financial substantially strengthens Puloon USA’s position in the market, but moreover ensures accessibility to ATM companies across the country that can benefit from the high quality and value in the SiriUs line of ATMs. CORD’s ATM software & development testing teams are already hard at work providing highly valuable feedback that will further strengthen the product line.

“Puloon USA is excited to be partnering with a company that shares the same high standards and core values of service, integrity, and commitment.”

Myke Williams

National Sales Director, Puloon USA

ATMs That Are Within Budget

Both Best Puloon ATMsPuloon USA’s ATMs are priced to allow business to profit on the initial sale, and not just through ATM processing fees.

With this new partnership, Puloon customers can expect an increase in an already robust customer service program.

Lightning fast shipping times, more options to buy from, and 24/7 technical support are just the tip of the iceberg.