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ATM marketing is a relatively new phenomenon, having numerous benefits. Pasting a couple of stickers on the ATM machine is not good enough, which is why you’d be wise to utilize the following tips:

Make Creative Use of the Screen on Your Machine

Your ATM has a big screen which is a great platform for marketing your brand or even offering the space to other brands interested in putting their message in front of customers. These screens can be used to exhibit your brand’s message in a fun, interactive, and enticing manner to target those making transactions.

Design Printed Receipts that Promote Your Brand

Whether you are a retailer or a drug store with an ATM machine, you have a great chance to promote your brand with printed receipts. When customers withdraw money from an ATM, they are given a receipt with their transaction details. This slip is a waste of resource unless you have your brand’s logo accompanied by a promotional message. Customers often keep these slips in their wallets for a few days and every time they look at them, they will be reminded of your brand.

Create Wraps for the ATM Machine

Another interesting way to market your brand using your ATM is to wrap it in custom-designed vinyl with a marketing message on it. You can design graphics with your brand name, logo, tagline, products, and message to enhance your brand appeal and improve recognition.

Your ATM machine itself is a great brand image-enhancing tool because it offers customers superior convenience, allowing them to make transactions on-site. However, by also using them as a marketing tool, you can get greater benefits from them.