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We are back from ATMIA and had a blast! On top of getting the chance to shake hands with our many partners in the industry and meet a few new people, the most exciting part was seeing and saying thank you to our IADs!

The industry is innovating fast and there were some Bitcoin players present, but the basic features of ATMs remain the most important, particularly the ability to get your money out when you need it… and what is the most important piece of that? The dispenser.

Puloon USA is making waves internationally with our ATMs, and the reason so many people are completely switching their ATM fleet to our SiriUs line, is because Puloon dispensers have been around for more than 20 years and have led the industry in reliability.

Case in point, and we heard it all week at ATMIA, people know us because our dispensers were used to replace many other brand’s cash dispensers, because they simply weren’t up to the task.

The Puloon SiriUs ATM line is also doing the one thing no other ATM manufacturer has been able to do, restoring ATM sales profitability to the industry.  If you are tired of selling ATMs at a loss, the Puloon SiriUs I and II both have excellent profit margins in them for IADs.  If you aren’t yet a distributor or reseller, now is the time!  If you sell 100 ATMs per year, there is at least an additional $50,000 in profit sitting on the table for you to get your hands on. If you haven’t gotten a demo, it’s time to make the switch to reliability and profitability – why wait?

Our Bit of Philanthropy

On top of the other donations we make, Puloon USA is super excited to able to raise money for Holt International by selling Cash is King t-shirts – and they were a huge hit.  We still have a few available, you know you want one!  Just hit reply and let us know …

Cash is King

Thank you for your business and let us know any way we can help!