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In the event of a natural disaster, cash becomes more important than ever. Earlier this month, Puloon USA’s Oregon corporate office, along with many employees, were evacuated from their homes. At the same time, power cuts and bank services were suspended.

Cash Is Critical During Natural Disasters

If you are faced with evacuation, what would you take? You might take the essentials, like pictures keepsakes, cash, and any other physical valuables that you could take.

Having cash on hand gives you a moment of solace in the panic. When a natural disaster causes power outages to occur, credit cards are no longer secure.

Cash Is More Important Now Than Ever

As an industry, we must fight for our American freedom of choice.

Recently, I took my family to a National Park and they would not accept cash. I went down to my favorite coffee shop and they were also not accepting cash.

How does limiting cash affect our freedom? In a world where social media, Google, and other big companies track our every move, do we want Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX – the big oligopoly of the payment world – to be our only options? Price gouging becomes imminent and the freedom to choose is eliminated.

Cash is Freedom

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