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The U.K. company, Smarter Technologies, has taken on ATM criminals. Smarter Technologies is working on a system of sensors, pressure pads, tags, beams, and cameras to offset ATM attacks in the United Kingdom.

Monitoring for Criminal Activity

Smarter Technologies’ BB5 chip used in this new technology, gives access across the Orion network, providing all-encompassing surveillance for ATMs. This anti-theft technology has the ability to broadcast data and voice monitoring simultaneously. The broadcast will provide full, interrupted tracking and audio monitoring. British courts have successfully utilized this technology to identify criminals.

ATM companies have long sought ways to secure their machines as criminals get more advanced, and brazen in their attacks. Smart technologies can be a cost-effective and powerful way to prevent crimes.

Smarter Technologies’ ATM technology monitors key ATM metrics, including cassettes and cash, with the ability to report environmental changes in real time. Monitoring and reporting includes ATM temperature, vibration, acoustics, sound, power interruptions, pressure, structural integrity, tilt, and motion. If a criminal attempts to remove the ATM unit, damage the machine’s structure, or use microcomputers, early detection and warning systems will instantly alert local law enforcement of possible criminal activity.

According to the company’s website, “Smarter Technologies tracks, monitors and recovers assets across the globe in real time, providing asset tracking systems to the open market and fulfilling the world’s most complex asset tracking requirements. Our services cover a vast array of business sectors, products and equipment from container or pallet tracking to military-grade devices; and can be used across a broad spectrum of industries.

“As a leading IoT company, we also provide smart building solutions for modern businesses, offering wire-free, battery-powered and low-cost IoT smart sensor technology. This will put an end to scheduled maintenance and help businesses utilise their building’s efficiency, benefitting from real-time alerts and facilities management tools that will bring them into the 21st century.”