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Our world is rapidly changing. As soon as one technology hits the market, it’s almost outdated. We have access to infinite information, can order dinner on our phones in two minutes, and there’s even talk about drones delivering our online orders. 

Will ATMs still be relevant in this ever-changing world? That’s a legitimate question. Thankfully, the answer is a resounding yes. 

The Future of ATMs

ATMs have come a long way from their invention in the mid-20th century. From solely dispensing cash, ATMs can now accept deposits, process payments and cash transfers, perform reverse cash transactions, and even walk your dog. (Okay, that last one isn’t true.) 

In creating ATM innovations of the future, ATM producers are looking to include more customer service options. For example, some ATMs are now brokering cryptocurrency transactions. ATMs of the future will be a multi-transactional machine, streamlined to work with payment technologies of all sorts, including digital payments. Some ATMs may be accessible via a mobile app or other smart device, some will be more traditional. 

One thing that will not change about the ATM is the easy access to cash. Cash is still a vital part of a thriving economy, and with banks around the world closing their brick and mortar stores, ATMs will help provide financial services in areas that would otherwise become cash deserts.

In pursuit of that objective, ATM technology is advancing to meet the needs of tomorrow’s customer.