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ATMs are quite beneficial in helping business generate more revenue by offering their customers convenience of withdrawing money on-site. However, if you haven’t yet invested in an ATM, here’s what you need to know:

The Money Withdrawn from On-Site ATM is Spent at Your Store

That’s right. Businesses with ATMs in their stories almost always get the money that their customers have withdrawn from the ATM machine on their premises. Because having an ATM closest to the business space offers consumers convenience, making it easy for them to withdraw cash and buy necessary items without having to wait.

You Earn Convenience Fee

When you have an ATM machine on-site, you add a surcharge for offering convenience to your customers. This fee is deducted from customers’ accounts every time they withdraw money. The fee ranges from $1.50 to as much as $7, depending upon the business type. This surcharge is known as a “convenience fee” because you are charging your customers for the service you are providing.

Protection from Credit Card Frauds and Fees

Instead of accepting credit cards, business owners can install an ATM machine that accepts debit cards to allow consumers to withdraw money directly from their bank accounts. This allows customers to avoid paying a 2%-3% transaction fee that is charged to the customer for each credit card transaction.

Increased Cash Flow without Paying Extra

Installing an ATM machine in your business space offers numerous benefits to the owner. What makes ATMs like Puloon’s so beneficial is that they are inexpensive and only charge a little for their monthly service. So, you get to enjoy convenience fee from customers while increasing your overall revenues.