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We Wholesale ATMs for the Best Global ATM Manufacturer, Puloon Technology, Inc.

On top of having the best ATMs in the marketplace, we know it’s the experience that matters.

The Puloon Difference

Our Low Cost ATM Solution Can Streamline and Optimize Your Business, Giving You the Best Return on Investment (ROI)!

Include Our SiriUs ATMs in Your Distribution Channels to Provide Your Customers with an Advanced and Lightweight ATM Machine.

Experience the Difference with Puloon!

SiriUs ATM Photo, by the best global ATM Machine Manufacturer, Puloon ATMs

Deploy Smallest and Industrial-strength ATMs in High-traffic Locations!

Reliability, dependability, and quality—three words that have become synonymous with Puloon. Our ATM machines may be smallest by area, but they offer the lowest downtime. Imagine how much money you are saving!

Your Customer’s Puloon Experience

SiriUs’s simplistic appearance mirrors its easy-to-use functions. The sleek and compact ATM machines will be your money maker and your store’s star attraction.

High-tech Technology

SiriUs, built using superior quality parts with a focus on detail, guarantees maximum uptime, the PCI 3.0 standard and EMV standard increases lifespan, and much more.

Easy to Purchase

We make it easy for you to get your hands on high-quality and advanced ATM machines. We guarantee that you won’t find a faster and a more convenient service than ours.

Earning a passive income without having to buy a franchise to do it couldn’t have been more possible and profitable as it is now!


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