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During the summer of 2022 the marketing group, Mercator Advisory Group, released its 2022 ATM Market Summary: Coping in a New Cash and Digital Era.

It became evident during the COVID-19 pandemic that the way consumers used cash changed. While in-person cash purchases declined during the heart of the pandemic, there was an increase in the amount of cash that people kept safely at home. And while businesses were largely shut down for months at a time, ATMs became a lifeline for customers still needing to conduct financial transactions.

The Top 5 Uses for an ATM

According to the Mercator Advisory Groups report the five top uses for an ATM are:

  • 86% of customers use an ATM to get cash
  • 73% of customers use an ATM to deposit cash
  • 72% of customers use an ATM to deposit checks
  • 67% of customers use an ATM for any other activity (NET)
  • 45% of customers use an ATM to check their account balances

With more and more banks closing their brick and mortar branches, and with the every occurring advances of ATM technology, ATMs will become an even more vital part of a community seeking to maintain easily accessible ways to conduct financial transactions.