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According to a recent survey conducted by, in 2020 “the total cost of the average out-of-network ATM withdrawal is $4.64. That’s the lowest it’s been since 2016 and a decrease of 8 cents in the past year.”

Additionally, the survey found that “ATM surcharges, on average, cost non-customers $3.08, down a penny since last year’s record high. It’s only the second time in the survey’s history that the average ATM surcharge has decreased — with the last coming in 2004. But the average ATM surcharge is still at the second highest amount in the history of Bankrate’s Survey.”

Source: 2020 Bankrate checking account and ATM fee study

Location, Location, Location

ATM fees tended to differ depending on the location. Those using out-of-network ATMs in Atlanta ($5.60), Tampa ($5.20), and Detroit ($5.18) saw much higher ATM fees than customers in Seattle ($4.19), Los Angeles ($4.17), and Chicago ($4.11).

Why the Reduction in Fees?

Bankrate found that many banks are offering temporary fee waivers because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes the surcharge that many banks require of non-customers who utilize their ATMs, now averaging $3.08 per use, and the fees that banks charge their own customers who use a non-bank ATM, now averaging $1.56 per use.

To find these results, Bankrate surveyed “a total of 10 banks and thrifts in each of 25 large U.S. markets; one interest and one non-interest account, as well as their associated ATM and debit card fee policies were surveyed from 245 institutions offering checking accounts; 239 interest and 235 non-interest accounts were surveyed between July 23 to Aug. 19, 2020.”