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For many businesses the biggest question after deciding to have an ATM installed in their store is where to place it. All too often we see ATMs placed in areas of businesses that are either inconvenient, hidden away, or both. Proper placement of an ATM can mean the difference between a machine that simply catches dust or one that generates a solid income stream.

It is understandable that businesses with a small footprint will feel the urge to place their ATM in a tucked away place. That, however, is not effective when trying to draw attention to the ATM or increase foot traffic into the business.

Here are some tips for properly placing your ATM.

Easily Accessible

The most important thing you can do to drive customers to your ATM is to make sure that it is easily accessible. ATMs that are tucked down a dark, creepy hallway or right next to the door to the trash or the bathrooms are not going to attract customers. 

Be sure that your ATM can be easily seen by customers, has some privacy for usage, and provides an opportunity for upselling other items.

What Surrounds Your ATM?

Having an ATM in your business not only provides an opportunity to increase foot traffic into your business, it also provides an opportunity to upsell items and increase your sales numbers. 

Having low-cost items in a kiosk or rack next to the ATM can incentivize customers to add to their purchases by adding an item or two from this area. This can result in bigger overall sales.

Businesses can not only increase sales, but also customer satisfaction by having a well-placed, easily accessible ATM on premises.