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The Stimulus IAD’s Need Now

Puloon USA extends our blessings and hopes everyone is healthy and staying safe during this time.

It is the Puloon USA goal to help the ATM Industry push through COVID-19 profitably, in effect to stimulate growth for our fantastic distribution partners.

With this goal in mind, Puloon USA is doing its part to help by lowering our ATM prices for a short time.

This is the lowest price promotion Puloon USA has offered in 5 years.

Puloon USA is specifically offering it across the board to our distributors who have agreed to pass this savings on to other ATM deployers & small businesses.

#Stimulus Details

Puloon USA Is Offering a Manufacturer’s Stimulus Promotion of $200 off for Any ATM Order Shipped Out Before August 15, 2020.

Discounts Apply to Retail Hardware Only

May Not Be Combined With Any Other Discounts

No Exceptions for Shipments Invoiced After 08/15/2020

Volume Discount Available Upon Request

Promotion Valid 07/15/2020 – 08/15/2020