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DALLAS, TX — Puloon USA officially announced the certification of their SiriUs I and SiriUs II ATMs with EFX Financial Services, a leading transaction processing company based in Clearwater, FL.

ATM operators who process machines with EFX will now be able to utilize the compact, durable, and attractive machines offered by Puloon.

“We are excited to announce certification from EFX for the SiriUs I and SiriUs II ATMs,” said Manny Lopez, president of Puloon USA ATMs. “ISO’s and IADs will now be able to utilize the latest in advanced processing technology with Sibi Systems, EXF’s secure ATM transaction processing system.”

“EFX’s low-cost infrastructure and partnerships with industry leaders enables ATM operators to enjoy system reliability and comprehensive real-time reports in conjunction with greater access to the compact, durable, high-tech machines Puloon brings to the market,” said Deven Werling, CEO of EFX.

Backed by over 20 years of experience in the ATM processing industry, EFX maintains their own proprietary software processing platform, has two secure, fully PCI-certified data centers that support the full range of major-manufacturer ATMs, deliver industry-leading security, a dynamic network and world-class managed services.

Puloon’s SiriUs I and SiriUs II ATMs are compact machines designed to handle high transaction volumes – with tested durability and reliable, high-volume cassette configurations. The SiriUs I, the smallest ATM on the market today, is Puloon’s low-maintenance, high-performing model. It is perfect for maximizing profits in tight spaces. The SiriUs II model is built for security and loaded with features, including three door sensors, choice of lock, multiple cassette options and two spray styles to choose from. Additional features include options for a barcode reader, as well as HD resolution and touch screens.

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