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Have you tried every trick in the book to entice customers to visit your store? If your efforts to attract people to walk in to buy something have failed, do not give up yet. You can still continue to hold sales, offer discounts, have contests, and pass out fliers. In addition to doing all of these things, you need to think out of the box.

Look around you. What are other stores in your area doing that you are not doing? If you see ATM machines at these stores, that is what you are missing. You need to place an ATM machine in your store to increase foot traffic.

ATM Machines Attract Millennials

Most millennials have become accustomed to using cash or debit card to make purchases. In fact, one of the first things millennials look for when they visit a store is for an ATM machine. Even if they do not look for an ATM machine, they expect the store to have one. If they store does not have one, there goes their sale. It is wise for businesses to cater to millennials.

ATM Machines Encourage Impulsive Purchases

Your goal is to convert a potential customer into a paying customer. You can do that by offering them the convenience of an ATM machine. They may not have entered your store with the intention to buy, but seeing an ATM machine may change their mind. Having cash on hand increases sales numbers. By providing readily available cash, your bottom line numbers are likely to rise.

ATM Machines Promote Word of Mouth

People who have visited your store to use your ATM machine may mention your store’s name to other people so if they are ever in the same area, they can use your ATM to withdraw cash. When word gets out that your store has an ATM, more people are then likely to enter your store.