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Through the years, these ATM manufacturers have contributed to the advancement of ATM machines. They have paved a path for other ATM manufacturers to follow in their footsteps. Let’s look at the timeline of the ATM manufacturers:

Luther George Simjian

Luther George Simijian manufactured an ATM in the late 1930s. He registered patents for it and developed the idea to create a hole in the wall ATM. His ATM allowed people to withdraw money without having to visit a bank. He pitched his invention to Citicorp who agreed to a give it a try. Six months passed and people showed no interest in using the ATM. The slow demand for his ATM labeled his invention a flop.

John Shepherd-Barron

As the Managing Director of De La Rue Instruments, John Shepherd-Barron created a 24/7 ATM in the 1960s. He pitched his idea at a conference in Miami, FL, consisting of 2,000 bankers. Even though the first ATMs were installed in England, press releases labeled him as the inventor of the ATM. Now, the company creates cash dispensers.

James Goodfellow

In 1965, James Goodfellow, the development engineer at Smith Industries Ltd., designed an automatic cash dispenser. He hired another company to design the mechanical dispenser device while he developed the system. He developed a machine consisting of a readable encrypted card and a numerical keypad. His machines were installed all over the United Kingdom in the 60s and 70s.

Don Wetzel

Don Wetzel, the Vice President of Product Planning at Docutel, designed an ATM machine with two other inventors, Tom Barnes and George Chastain. To fund the device, they used five million dollars.

John D. White

John D. White began developing an ATM machine in 1968. Rockville Center was the first location to place an order to install his ATM. Calling the machine a Credit Card Automatic Currency Dispenser, his ATM featured original and updated code with a changing key, much the same as it is today. His ATM machine’s design is similar to the free-standing ATM machines sold here at Puloon USA.

Jairus Larson

Jairus Larson designed the first online ATM machine. Before his ATM, ATMs could not communicate with the bank’s network, but his could. Now, all ATM machines supplied by banks can communicate with the bank’s network.

If it wasn’t for these early manufacturers, Puloon USA wouldn’t be here today. We have used the early designs of ATM to give you high-tech, reliable, fast, and compact ATM machines. Our parent company, PuloonTechnology, which is located in Korea, is an international ATM manufacturer that manufacturers state-of-the-art ATMs for businesses.