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Our ATM machines possess all the qualities your customers’ current ATM machine lacks. We have manufactured our ATMs for excellence, quality, and reliability. If you have an ATM distribution business, it is time to press the “Upgrade” button!

Upgrade Your Current Stock of ATMs with Our High-Tech ATMs

As an ATM machine distributor, your goal is to earn revenue by selling your ATM machines to business in need of a premium quality solution. Our ATM machines can be the solution you and your customers need to turn your business around, making it thrive and grow!

We have created two ATM machines – the Puloon SiriUs I ATM Machine and the Puloon SiriUs II ATM Machine. Both ATMs are built to last and of course, generate both you and your customers’ revenue — you by selling it to them and they by attracting traffic to use the ATM.

How Are Our ATM Machines Different?

Our Puloon SiriUs I and SiriUs II ATM Machines are a stylish, versatile, and compact options, ones that you can easily install at your location.

Compact and Lightweight Design

Our machines require very little space, and can fit almost anywhere. You can use that as a selling point for when you sell our ATMs to your customers.

Long Life

Another selling point of our ATM machines is how durable and dependable they are. However, the most important point is that we have used only state-of-the-art parts to create our ATMs, thus giving them a long life.

Unique Cash Dispenser

We have installed a dispenser sporting a unique design in both of our ATM machines to ensure faster transactions and minimum errors. Security is another vital component of ATMs your customers consider when buying an ATM from you. Rest assured, our ATM machines are a secure option.

Top Notch Security

We have equipped the SiriUs I with UL291 business hour and dial lock. We have equipped the SiriUs II with UL291 business hour, dial lock, and three door sensors for upper, lower, outer, and lower safety.

Many Languages

Our ATMs speak a variety of different languages. Our ATMs are fluent in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

If you want to sell high-quality ATM machines to your customers, we recommend you opt for our free 30-day trial. Test them! If you like them, buy 10 and sell to prospective businesses in and around your area. Don’t worry about delivery, because it’s free! Call us today!