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Puloon USA’s SiriUs II

Puloon USA is ecstatic to announce the roll out of Puloon’s second ATM to the U.S. market, the SiriUs II.  After substantial effort by hundreds of people in our development staff, this ATM has been perfectly designed to fill a global need – to be highly-functional, long-lasting, and gorgeous. The illustrious display and contemporary design of the SiriUs II will accentuate its surroundings or blend appropriately into high-end space. The new SiriUs II ATM brings functionality, and an extra large 15” high-resolution display for an extra large ATM.

The SiriUs I

Puloon USA’s SiriUs I ATM has the smallest footprint in the industry. This compact ATM measures just 1’2” x 1’10” – which makes it ideal for high-traffic spaces to maximize your return per inch with out sacrificing the ability to load plenty of cash. SiriUs I handles business quickly, reliably, and beautifully, with a magnificent high-intensity eight inch screen, UL291 business hour safe,  an e-lock, ADA, EMV, and PCI all standard while holding up to 8k to dispense.

The micro SiriUs I and the behemoth SiriUs II cover the extremes and the norm with the most versatile dispenser options in the market, 1k solo or double, all the way up to quadruple 1k or 2k dispensers for a total of 8k. This allows for maximum volume with either shutter spray or presenter spray options. These ATM’s come standard with a UL291 business hour safe, an e-lock, and are ADA, EMV, and PCI compliant.

We are continuing to offer a free trial for either ATM to resellers and distributors – get yours today.

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