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How ATMs Are Profitable

You can make money by having your own ATM machine. ATMs charge a fee when customers withdraw cash with credit or debit cards. Three to five percent of traffic that flows by your ATM actually get cash from it. Walled ATMs allow for people to use your ATM 24/7, increasing your revenues the most.

Some businesses split the cost of an ATM, then share the revenues. Sharing the withdrawal fee still makes you money. Research the traffic flow by your location and you can estimate the profit you can make. Several companies sell ATMs; no one is the same. Puloon USA is available to sell or lease you a quality ATM, giving you many options to attract more attention to your business. If you are not quite ready to buy, you can also lease an ATM, giving you the option to try it out, worry free. Either way, you will benefit from the additional revenues from surcharge fees. Call Puloon USA to answer all your questions to help you decide if you are ready to install an ATM for your business or event.